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Castle in the Sky

Floating on a Cloud

18 April
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  • prettykiitty@livejournal.com
I hang out with the people who are the most important to me in my life.
I am in collage to become a choir teacher and a voice performer.
If anyone needs a singer for some reason, Im here!!! ^_^
I dance to the background music in public places.
Someone once told me I have my own theme song but I have yet to hear it.
Cookies and doughnuts are amazing especially when they are just made.
Cats are my most favorite animal and I hope to have a house with a few one day.
I still have a bag of stuffed animals from when I was 2 to 12 years old.
I can be a little too nice sometimes.
I randomly burst out singing when a song pops in my head.
Math is my hardest subject.
Having fun is what I am always up for unless I have work I need to get done because of me putting it off.
I love theme parks!!!
Sometimes I want to go back to kindergarden so I can have snack and nap time.
Playgrounds make me smile and I cant resist to play on everything they have.
Nature is one of my favorite things, I love going into the mountains.